Hi, I'm Adam.

I have a 11+ year track-record of success with coaching and leading high performing tech teams at world-class companies (Amazon, Bloomberg). During this time I developed skills in, and a passion for, leadership, people management and coaching. The best moments in my career were when I helped my people reach their career goals: getting promoted, becoming managers, transitioning into new job roles and/or organizations, delivering impactful projects, mastering crucial skills and others.

In 2019 I left my career in software development to travel and explore career options for more values-aligned work, helping to solve the most pressing global problems. I recognize that what I have is not just from talent and hard work, but also a lot of luck and privilege. I decided to devote the rest of my career to doing the most good that I can, which is what attracted me to the Effective Altruism community.

I've been coaching EAs since September 2022 and have loved making an impact by helping other EAs grow and increase their own impact.

Let's connect.

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