Hi, I'm Adam.

I attended the University of Michigan and have bachelors and masters degrees in Computer Science and Engineering, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. I have a 11+ year track-record of success with coaching and leading high performing tech teams at world-class companies. I worked for Bloomberg LP as a Financial Software Engineering Manager 5.5 years, and worked for Amazon as a Software Development Manager for 6 years. During this time I developed skills in, and a passion for, leadership, people management and coaching.

I am nomadic and am usually in the US, the UK or an EU country. I am a citizen of the US and Hungary/EU.

I have been practicing mindfulness for several years and have previously been a mindfulness meditation coach and instructor.

I am grateful for the experiences that I've enjoyed in my life, which are not just from my skill and hard work, but also luck and privilege. I am devoting the rest of my career to doing the most good that I can, which is what attracted me to the Effective Altruism community.